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SO. Anime convention. I went to one technically yesterday. Chibi Pa, to be exact. Only attending Saturday because I'm sooooo broke right now it's like "Wooooow, so broke." So yeeeeeah. And I wore Vaati. Because I was like "Yeah, Chibi Pa, I'd love to go!" And my dad knows one of the judges at the costume contest and told them of my experience at my last con and immediately volunteered me to join the costume contest as Vaati and I was like 'wut, shit now I HAVE to.' SO I WENT AND I TOOK VAATI OUT AGAIN. With improvements! I finally figured out how to do that white face correctly - ALL THESE EFFING MAKE UP PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH OKAY? PAINTING THE MAKEUP ON WORKS JUST FUCKING FINE. And I managed to get the coverage I needed in three, non-cracking coats as opposed to the fifty bajillion from last time. Also, the armor is so much easier to remove now. One day, when I'm not broke, I'd actually like to redo it with the help of my dad so it actually matches the reference better.

Speaking of reference... HEY :iconpikminaaa: I GOT SOME NEWSICALS FOR YA. Since Vaati was entered in this contest... Well, results yeah? BEST MASTER. IT HAPPENED. MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE. I HAVE OBTAINED MY THREE YEAR WIN STREAK. And it's all thanks to this lovely and her awesome design~

Other than that... not much else to say. I've been drawing a lot, lately, I must confess - unfortunately, I can't post any of these drawings up on DA, tumblr, or any form of internet sharing because... ERM. THEY KIND OF HEAVILY INVOLVE PLOT POINTS AND FEATURES FOR TEMPEST'S SEQUEL, which is now named Furor, btw. I can't even post a summary on FFN, because the summary alone would be spoileriffic for Tempest. So I should finish that one first, yeah? Days of Dreams chappy comes first tho. I've neglected my poor bby Blind too much.

Uuuuuuhhhhm... OH. WHILE I'M HERE. I MAY AS WELL BITCH AND COMPLAIN... about the end of Naurto. Yes, you read that right, Naruto ended. And perhaps I am in no position to bitch and complain at all about it considering I left off at the beginning of the Kage Summit arc or whatever and peeps were going all Black Lantern necromancing shit. THAT. ... After Itachi died I HAD ISSUES OKAY. HE'S THE BEST FUCKING CHARACTER IN THAT WHOLE DAMN SERIES AND HE GOT THE BIGGEST FUCKING SHAFT AND THE INJUSTICE OF IT BREAKS MY HEART AND SASUKE WAS MAKING IT WORSE BY BEING SASUKE. And Kakshi wasn't getting nearly enough show time at this time so I lost interest fast and... I'm sorry, I rambled. BACK TO THE END.

In my younger years, I was a fan of SasuSaku. To an extent, I still am... but... I don't know. I'm not happy with it being canon now. After all the shit and grief Sasuke brought everyone, it bothers me. I don't believe Sasuke deserves Sakura - a girl who grew up so much from the first arc into this strong woman who kicks ass and don't need no man (but Kishi does stupid things), yet she still loves Sasuke and all she wants is for Team 7 to get back together, regardless if Sasuke truly loves her or not and, ugh, this girl gives me such feels for how emotionally strong she has to be. But Sasuke has been nothing but an abusive jerkwad, and he had no true redemption to his story.

You know what I came to really like as I've been backwardly catching up, though? Kakashi and Sakura. Forget the 14 year age difference and the former student-teacher relationship. These two? They fucking rock together. In the ending arcs, they've got each others backs, they're supporting each other, dare I say it Kishi was even throwing bones that there MIGHT be something potentially there. AND WHEN SAKURA WAKES UP FROM SASUKE'S LAST ACT OF DOUCHERY TOWARDS HER, who's there? Motherfucking Kakashi. He stayed right by her side and freaking comforted her while Sasuke was off being whiny, butt hurt bitch and taking it out on Naruto. KAKASAKU, THAT WOULD BE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP BASED OFF A MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN ADULTS. Hell, I would have even taken the biggest bromance between them, not even romantic. But just a bromance where Kakashi's like "Listen Sakura, MAYBE you should consider Sasuke's a jerkwad. I'll pardon him and crap but just don't, he don't deserve you. MOVE ON, LEE WOULD TREAT YOU RIGHT FOR GOD'S SAKE." SOMETHING LIKE THAT. UGH.

BUT. BUT. AT THE SAME TIME. I can see why SasuSaku is canon. BECAUSE Sakura was there, and bared her whole heart to Sasuke and was willing to stand by him no matter what. Because she was willing to kill him at one point because she loved him so much she realized what a danger he was. She has gone through such great lengths for him, and I'm guessing, Sasuke finally decided to look past his own fucking self and realize... SHIT. Sakura's been THERE. It hasn't just been Naruto, she's been there too. And in a way, she can understand Sasuke in a way that Naruto simply can't. So I can see WHY it's canon. That doesn't mean I'm happy about it. Sasuke better be the bitch in that relationship, or have a really huge dong, or both (it better be both), because he does not deserve Sakura. HE DOES NOT DESERVE ANY OF THE KINDNESS HE HAS RECEIVED FROM THE REMAINDER OF TEAM 7.

So yeah, I've gone on my angry tirade about my extremely mixed feelings. I really wish Kishimoto had just... left Sasuke and Sakura ambiguous. I really, really wish that.
Oh well, I'll just have ship KakaSaku being an illicit love affair behind Sasuke's back since Sauce is always leaving for months at a time anyways.

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