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Vaati forms - sketch by Mirria1 Vaati forms - sketch :iconmirria1:Mirria1 72 35 The Legend Of Zelda - Links by Opheroth The Legend Of Zelda - Links :iconopheroth:Opheroth 3,714 620 Komainu Japan by SheltieWolf Komainu Japan :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 269 111 Fox : Fushimi Inari by SheltieWolf Fox : Fushimi Inari :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 495 100
JohnSu goes to AX 2013
Hey guys, sorry I took so long! This year I'm going to try something a little different and not Flash-dependent. I wasn't really sure how much I was gaining by making the pages squiggly and separated by animated transitions, so without further adieu, here's my report on this year's Anime Expo, now with alt-text! (hover mouse on image for commentary)
My biggest regret this year was being too busy and not getting around the artist alley more and visiting people and panels. Thanks to everyone who visited, and sorry to everyone who I didn't visit (or visited only very briefly)! I feel really rude in retrospect. I also feel like I didn't really get to see much of what AX had to offer this year by confining myself to my table for most of it.
Next year I hope to have some sort of book-type product at my table, but knowing myself, I will probably either give up or miss deadlines again and you'll see a repeat of the first two images in the report.
MAN, I sure got tired of drawing myself.
:iconjohnsu:JohnSu 424 280
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Banner by Reily96

Listen up ya'll - for whoever still pays attention to my account at all. I HAVE OPENED COMMISSIONS WOOOOOOOOO. Having been unemployed for quite some time now, and with every job opportunity I've had gone down a hole until August, I could really use the extra cash to help support myself, as well as the SUPER LOVING PARENTS THAT ARE PUTTING UP WITH MY FREELOADING BULLSHIT.

Prices (in USD):

Basic Sketch: $10
Chibi: $15
Headshot: $15
Waist-up: $20
Full Body: $30

For flat colors, add $5 (ex, Full Body + Flat Colors = $35 )
For full colors and shades, add $15 (ex, Full Body + Color = $45 )

For additional characters, add $10 per second character, $5 per every additional character after second. (ex, 2 Full Body sketches = $40; 3 Full Body sketches = $45 )

For things considered “complicated” (ex, armor, crazy pose, detailed clothing [Victorian clothing, brocades, patterning, etc], etc), add $5.

Currently Working On:
1- Open
2- Open
3- Open

Wait Listed:

Banner2 by Reily96

What will you draw? What won’t you draw?

OCs, Fan Characters, RP characters, Pathfinder/DnD characters, Furries, Anthros, Video Game characters, Anime characters, etc - I’m pretty much okay at trying anything. If you have a specific pose in mind, I ask you please send me references. Poses are my self-proclaimed weak point, but so long as you can provide me with a basic reference of what you’d like, I can make it work. But if you “leave it up to me,” you are likely to get a very basic pose.

I will not draw anything sexual in nature, unless you provide reference.
I will not draw realistic animals (more like can’t).
I will not mimic styles.
I will not draw realistically/naturalistic.
I will not draw comics.

What do you use to draw?

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablet (6 in x 3.7 in), Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop CS4.

I’m interested, how do I contact you?

DO NOT CONTACT ME ON DA. I hardly come on DA anymore, so please use any of the below options to contact me.

Please message me on tumblr (reinbowcat96) or on Skype (reily96 / Reily the Wannabe Ninja ₊·*◟(˶╹̆ꇴ╹̆˵)◜‧*・). Tumblr is the easiest method. If you choose to contact me via skype about commissioning, PLEASE PUT IT IN YOUR CONTACT MESSAGE, OTHERWISE I WILL IGNORE IT.

The last option is via email, but I would really prefer to be contacted via tumblr or skype first regarding artwork. My email is:

How do I pay? How do I get my commission?

I accept payment through PayPal only. Once you’ve contacted me and we’ve arranged everything, you may have to wait until I finish any other commissions I have recived. Everything is done on a first come, first serve basis. If someone is ahead of you, I will be working on their commission first. When I am ready to move onto yours, I will contact you and review our arrangements again. Upon confirmaton, I will send you an invoice through Paypal. The invoice will give you all the instruction you need to send the payment. I will not start on the commission at all until I receive payment.

Upon receiving the payment, I will begin working on your commission. Depending on what exactly you’ve asked for it can take me a week to a week and a half to complete it. It normally gets done more quickly than that, however, this is simply allotting for time should anything unexpected in my real life pop up. 

When I have finished your commission, I will send it to you through email as a png. I reserve the right, however, to use it for promotional purposes. You cannot remove my signatures from the work.

Can I receive progress shots? Do you stream?

Yes, you can receive progress shots. I am happy to show you the process from sketch to whatever you decide your final product should be. 

Occasionally I stream, but not often. I get a little anxious at the idea of people watching me draw, but if you really want to see the process at work, I have no real issues streaming.

May I see examples of your work?

But of course.

Kamui2 by Reily96 Quickkamui by Reily96
Kuudere protag sketch by Reily96  Chibicuties by Reily96

Pathfinder Character - Bikini by Reily96 (with color)

Full Body
Schoolgirlneri by Reily96

Flat Colors:
Otohime by Reily96  Samhain by Reily96

Basic Colors
NininKarasukitsunerender by Reily96   New Neri profile renderrz by Reily96

Advanced Colors:
Fancyneriwithsig by Reily96    Halloween 2015 by Reily96


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
-I am made of epic fail.
- I. Fucking. Love. Donuts.
-I have a fascination with craziness.
-I am obsessed with wizards.
-GEEK. I like my mangas and my books my video games and my Star Wars and my Lord of the Rings.
-Speaking of which, I usually get some pretty obsessive stages of fandom.
-Also a cosplayer.
-I tend to say "YOUR MOM" a lot.
-I may be small but I am a pervert of IMMENSE PROPORTIONS.
-I also think gay jokes are the funniest shit of life for reasons I'm not even quite sure of. D:
-I WILL beat you in the name of grammar. D:<

And that's all you guys need to know. Kay?

Current Residence: the Nevernever
Favourite genre of music: I seriously like anything and everything... except rap
Skin of choice: I like to keep my bones and organs inside of MEEEEE...
Personal Quote: "It takes an idiot to do cool things; that's why it's cool." Haruhara Haruko


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